Agriculture start-ups, the new shining stars in Indian industrial sky

Agriculture start-ups are the new shining stars in the Indian industrial sky, which was once swarmed with IT start-ups. Investors consider these start-ups promising with growth huge potential. Initiatives taken by institutions like the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) give the necessary momentum for this fledgling agri start-ups.

Policy makers and financial analysts, who were once more focussed on IT and related sectors, are giving more room for the agri start-ups now. The growth rate of the leading agri start-ups are almost steady and points at a bright future, which attract more and more investors. ICAR’s directions, along with initiatives of central and several state governments, are fuelling the growth.

The Union Ministry of Agriculture has launched the Agriculture Grand Challenge, a move to encourage more investment in this sector. With government institutions and individual investors open funding opportunities, agri start-ups are here to stay and grow big.

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