192 farmer organisations join hands to push government for passing crucial farmers’ bills in parliament

192 farmer organisations join hands to push governments for passing crucial farmers’ bills. Farmers will assemble at district headquarters across the nation on May 10, 2018, to present signed letters to the Chairman, Rajya Sabha and Speaker, Lok Sabha.

The protesters will urge the government to call a special session of Parliament on the issue and for passing the Bills. In a meeting held on April 25, 2018, between All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) and representatives of various opposition and ruling parties, key bills like “Farmers Freedom from Indebtedness Bill 2018” and “Farmers’ Right to Guaranteed Remunerative Minimum Support Price for Agricultural Commodities Bill 2018” were finalised.

“First time in the history, the struggle for the farmers’ rights is being done in an organised manner. It is a fact that, farmers can get their rights only through the Act passed by the Indian Parliament. It is the responsibility of the Government to get the Bills passed by the Parliament and implement them,” said VM Singh, Chairman, AIKSCC. The 192 farmer organisations were represented by 5 members in the meeting.

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Image: India Today