Organic Farming should be promoted with the same heart as Green Revolution, Agriculture Minister

Organic Farming should be promoted with the same heart as Green Revolution, says Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister, Radha Mohan Singh. The minister was speaking at an ASSOCHAM event, Organic World: Advantage India in New Delhi. The Organic farming should be promoted with the same spirit as ‘Green Revolution’ as India is the country with the most organic producers, said the minister.

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He also added that the country should progress towards an organic and chemical-free future. Prime Minister also urged farmers to stay away from intense usage of fertilisers like urea by reducing it to half in quantity to improve the soil health, the Minister said. During the last six years, India has been increasingly supporting PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) for its national market, developing a unique example of large-scale government-facilitated PGS programme, coordinated by its National Centre for Organic Farming, under the Ministry of Agriculture.

"The government cannot promote organic farming alone. There are many NGOs and organisations that have a crucial role to play. The data needs to be systematically collected through scientific methods, certification should be improved," the Agriculture Minister added.

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