China gears up for modernisation of its agriculture by 2035; aims international agri-market

China gears up for modernisation of its agriculture by 2035, which aims to proliferate the international agri-markets including India, say reports. Beijing proposed a complete rural revitalization over the coming two decades, including pooling of land into more efficient units, creation of a domestic dairy industry and strengthening of the farm equipment industry. The crucial mission aims at making the Chinese agriculture sector internationally competitive.

Hundreds of millions of people are farmers in China, working small plots with low productivity rates. The proposed master plan calls for investment in agriculture abroad, and creation of large Chinese grain-trading and agricultural conglomerates. The rural revitalization would lead to larger exports of high-value specialty crops and boost China’s role in influencing international agri trading routes.

China has the largest agricultural sector in the world with top spots in the production of wheat, rice, corn, and cotton. Yet, the country is still importing food from countries like US to feed its huge population. The Chinese government is trying to shift toward higher-quality food for its rising urban population, while boosting rural incomes and encouraging more sustainable use of its land, suggest various reports.

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